Virtual Videography

Rachel Heck, Michael Wallick, and Michael Gleicher

University of Wisconsin-Madison





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Well-produced videos provide a convenient and effective way to archive lectures. In this paper, we offer a new way to create lecture videos that retain many of the advantages of well-composed recordings without the cost and intrusion of a video production crew. We present an automated system called Virtual Videography that employs the art of videography to mimic videographer-produced videos, while being unobtrusive when recording the lectures. The system uses the data recorded by unattended video cameras and microphones to produce a new edited video as an offline post-process. By producing videos offline, our system can use future information when planning shot sequences and synthesizing new shots. Using simple syntactic cues gathered from the original video and a novel shot planning algorithm, the system makes cinematic decisions without any semantic understanding of the lecture.



Heck, Rachel, Michael Wallick, and Michael Gleicher.  "Virtual Videography."  To appear in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications in February of 2007.  [PDF]

Wallick, Michael, Rachel Heck, Michael Gleicher.  "Marker and Chalkboard Regions."  Proceedings of Mirage 2005, March 2005.  [PDF]

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