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CS 838: Introduction to Information Security (Spring 2001)

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Somesh Jha,
5393 Computer Sciences and Statistics Building

Time and place
MWF 1:30-2:10, 1263 CS-Statistics building.

CS 838 is an introduction to Information security. The course covers a broad range of topics.

General Description
Shared resources (such as the Internet) have created a global and open information infrastructure. A global infrastructure has several advantages, such as ease of sharing information. However, shared resources also increase the risk due to malicious behavior. Information security is the area that deals with protection from and detection of malicious activity. This course will follow the general structure given below.

Course notes and papers distributed by instructor and the following required text:

A.J. Menzes, P.C. Van Oorschot, S.A. Vanstone, Handbook of Applied Crytograph, CRC press, 1997.

Following books not required but will be used as reference:

Mathematical maturity and programming experience. Undergraduate students need permission of the instructor.

Participation, assignments, presentations and projects.