Java for Everybody!

Java made its first big entrance to the world when Netscape 2.0 was released with Java support in 1996. Since then, it has grown into a wonderful cross-platform language with many uses. But the coolest use of Java is still the web applets that can be written and used by anyone with a Java-enabled browser.
I've written a few small Java programs you might find interesting.

  • Asteroids (source) : despite all copyrights, I've written a game very similar to Atari's classic Asteroids and called mine Asteroids as well. Please don't tell Atari's lawyers about this.
  • A Hypercube: this is intended to be a projection of a rotating 4th dimension regular figure (a hypercube) into three-space. Simple, eh?
These were written using Java 1.1, which means you'll need Netscape 3.0 or IE 4 or higher to view them. If your browser locks up, or doesn't display these properly, email me and I'll see if I can help. Thanks to my cousin, Alex Mohr, for helping me design and beta-test these programs.

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