Computer Sciences Dept.

George Kola

Picture of George Kola
Research Interests:
Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networking, Performance Analysis and Performance Modeling

My PhD research consists of design development and performance enginneering of TCP-Madison, a high performance transport protocol. TCP Madison achieves high bandwidth utilization (>90%) without creating loss. It shares bandwidth equally with other Madison flows and shares bandwidth fairly with Reno flows. On high bandwidth delay paths, Madison is 3-10 times faster than Reno.

Before TCP Madison, I was a member of the Condor project and worked on addressing some of the challenges in data intensive distributed computing . I developed DiskRouter, a mechanism for high performance large scale data transfers. Along with Tevfik, I have designed a fault-tolerant self-tuning framework capable of fully automated bulk data transfer and we co-scheduled data movement and data processing. Our framework was used for several real-world large scale scientific data processing and data set replication.

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