Public Deployment of Cooperative Bug Isolation

This research was conducted by Ben Liblit, Mayur Naik, Alice X. Zheng, Alex Aiken, and Michael I. Jordan. The paper has been published in the Second International Workshop on Remote Analysis and Measurement of Software Systems (RAMSS 2004).


As part of our work on Cooperative Bug Isolation (CBI) we have undertaken to instrument and distribute binaries for a number of large open source projects. This public deployment is an important step toward a large experiment involving (we hope) hundreds or thousands of users that will measure the effectiveness of CBI. This paper describes several of the significant engineering issues that arise in instrumenting the source code of realistic applications.

Full Paper

The full paper is available as a single PDF document or a single PostScript document. A suggested BibTeX citation record is also available.

Presentation Slides

This work was presented at RAMSS 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Slides from that talk are available as a single PowerPoint document.