Fixing, Preventing, and Recovering From Concurrency Bugs

This research was conducted by Dongdong Deng, Guoliang Jin, Marc de Kruijf, Ang Li, Ben Liblit, Shan Lu, Shanxiang Qi, Jinglei Ren, Karthikeyan Sankaralingam, Linhai Song, Yongwei Wu, Mingxing Zhang, Wei Zhang, and Weimin Zheng. The invited paper appeared in Science China Information Sciences volume 58, number 5 in May 2015.


Concurrency bugs are becoming widespread with the emerging ubiquity of multicore processors and multithreaded software. They manifest during production runs and lead to severe losses. Many effective concurrency-bug detection tools have been built. However, the dependability of multi-threaded software does not improve until these bugs are handled statically or dynamically. This article discusses our recent progress on fixing, preventing, and recovering from concurrency bugs.

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