These are some tutorials and sample code to help you get started doing the programming for CS559.

There are two types of tutorials here. One set was written by Mike Gleicher (with help from 559 TAs) to help students understand the concepts behind the libraries. The other set was written by Stephen Chenney (with help from 559 TAs) and has much more specifics about how to do projects within the CS environment.

Part 1 - Getting Started with Windows and FlTk

  1. Tutorial 1: Setting up a Console Application in Visual Studio 2005
  2. Tutorial 2: Command Line Arguments
  3. Tutorial 3: An FLTK WIndow
  4. Tutorial 4: A More Complex FLTK Example

Part 2 - Working with Images

  1. Tutorial 5: Reading and Writing Targa Images
  2. Tutorial 6: Modify and Display Image
  3. Tutorial 6.5: Alpha Channel Tutorial

Part 3 - Getting Started with OpenGL

Mike's 'OpenGL Survival Guide"

Exampes of simple 2D UIs in FlTk/OpenGL

  1. Tutorial 7 - OpenGL in FLTK (with some 3D basics)
  2. Tutorial 8 - OpenGL Lighting
  3. Tutorial 9 - OpenGL Input

Mike's OpenGL 3D Examples: CubeIt

Part 4 - Dealing with Textures

  1. Tutorial 10 - Texture
  2. Tutorial 11 - Texture Manager

Part 5 - Hardware Rendering

Mike's GL Extension: Texture Manager