Computer Sciences Dept.

CS/ECE 354 Machine Organization and Programming

Fall 2008 Section 1
Instructor Mark D. Hill
TAs Mark Liu & Somayeh Sardashti

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CS/ECE 354 is a prerequisite of many important 500-level courses on how computers work, including:

  • Compilers (536)
  • Operating Systems (537)
  • Programming Languages (538)
  • Computer Modeling (547)
  • Computer Architecture (552)
  • Databases (564)
2006 Photo of Mark D. Hill by Bob Rashid
By Bob Rashid in 2006

CS/ECE 354 is 3 credits and has prerequisites

  • CS/ECE 252's survey of computer system basics
  • CS 302's introduction to programming

Topics covered in 354 include:

  • C programming (used in most low-level software, e.g, embedded & OS)
  • Function linkage and assembly (via MIPS assembly language)
  • Input/output with interrupts to simple kernel
  • Miscellaneous issues (e.g., performance, floating-point, and x86)

Acknowledgement. The basic material for this course was initially developed by James Goodman and Karen Miller. Most subsequent enhancements and lecture notes are due to Karen Miller. Thanks!

Information for First Lecture (Wednesday, September 3, 2008)

  • Lecture is Mon, Wed, Fri 11:00-11:50am in 1240 Computer Science and Statistics Bldg. (new room effective Mon Sep 8)
  • The course will be modeled after Karen Miller's Spring 2008 Offering.
  • There is NO required textbook.

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