• Collaboration: on homework assignments is NOT allowed.
  • Questions: are to be posted on Piazza, a free tool that we're using to manage questions. Before posting a question, please search the assignment pages for an answer and also search Piazza to ensure your question hasn't already been asked.
  • Late Homework: is NOT accepted for a grade.
  • Grading:See assignment grading below.


  • Step 1, Submission: Submit your work before the assignment deadline by following these steps:
    1. Login to CS computer lab machine. For more details, please refer to CS lab reference page.
    2. Go to your own handin directory by executing cd /p/course/cs367-ms/public/handin/
    3. Go to the requirement assignment directory, for example h1
    4. Your handin file name should be of the format "hw<Number>.txt", unless the homework specifies otherwise. For example, turn in hw1.txt for homework 1.
  • Step 2, Grading: Assignments are graded by the course TA(s) and/or Grader(s) using specified grading standards.
  • Step 3, Solution: Solutions for homework assignments are posted on Learn@UW sometime after the submissiong deadline. Watch out for announcements on homeworks announcement page.
  • Step 4, Graded: When grading has completed for an assignment, an announcement is posted on the homeworks announcement page. You will receive your grades in your hanin directory.
  • Step 5, Regrades: You may request a regrade of your assignment within one week after the graded assignment is announced if you believe your work was incorrectly graded. Before requesting a regrade for homeworks, check your work against the solution posted on Learn@UW. Request regrades by emailing the grader named in your grade report.
  • Step 6, Learn@UW: After regrades are completed on an assignment, scores are then uploaded into Learn@UW. Once scores are uploaded, in Learn@UW you can see grading statistics such as class averages.


  • Homework 1 grades finalized and updated on Learn@UW.
  • Homework 2 regrades contact Zhen (di3@wisc.edu) by Tue July 18th 5 pm.