Thank you to everyone who submitted names or voted for names. It was a difficult decision and the rabbit was nameless for a few days as the finalist names were tried out (he doesn't answer to any name) and it wasn't certain whether 'it' was male or female, but finally the rabbit was named LooLoo Bird. I have a few pictures below. They aren't that great, but they will have to do. I have a sneaking suspicion that more will be coming shortly.

LooLoo has GREAT big feet!

LooLoo relaxes in his new home. Look how big he is already!

LooLoo cleans his tail!

LooLoo eats a lot.

LooLoo is all ready to help clean. Or did he find a friend in the toilet brush?

LooLoo is a tall bunny.

LooLoo eats a lot. Oh did I mention that already?

LooLoo likes his box.

LooLoo decided this was a good way to sit. I did not do this to him! What a weird rabbit.

Let the Valentine's Day games begin!

Oh no it looks like LooLoo is winning!

Has LooLoo lost the upper hand?

No caption needed.

The fight moves into confined spaces. LooLoo's favorite.

*Please note: LooLoo's eyes are dark, they are not red as they appear in almost all of the pictures! Snowball had the red eyes.*

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