Intern, @WalmartLabs, San Bruno, CA, USA

Evaluating online influence of Store Detail Pages on offline Store Sales [ video ]

Analyzed if users who are visiting Walmart Store Detail Pages are actually going to Walmart Stores and making any purchase, did analysis of Store Sales driven by Store Detail Pages, and understood what information users are actually looking for on Store Detail Pages. Developed data models and a system which collect relevant data from internal hive databases, perform analysis using hive queries and generate reports using shell scripts.
Technologies Involved: Hadoop, Hive, Unix Shell Scripting, XML

MTS-II, Adobe Systems, Noida, India

File Manager for Adobe Reader (Android) [ blog ]

We developed File Manager for Adobe Reader, which lets you manage your PDF files and the directories on your sdcard using Adobe Reader. Keeping backward compatilibity for existing users, we added another view through which users can see their PDF documents in a Folder View. This project involved a lot of UI effort for both the phone and tablet layout for Android.
Work Areas: File Manager, UI
Technologies Involved: C++, Java, Eclipse, RMSDK
Products Affected: Adobe Reader for Android 10.3

Appearance Generation for 'Free Text' annotation, and Activity Lifecycle for Adobe Reader (Android) [ blog ]

Generating Appearance for Free Text annotation was a huge task in itself. It was more like a learning project for me, as while working on it I studied a lot about fonts and their rendering. The project also involved interaction with the Forms team. I later moved to another project, while this was continued by my other teammates. I then worked on making changes to the Activity Lifecycle for Adobe Reader (Android) fixing many bugs and impacting whole application. This helped me learn more about designing an Android application.
Work Areas: Appearance Generation for Free Text annotation
Technologies Involved: C++, RMSDK
Products Affected: Adobe Reader 10.2 (Android)

Common Appearance Generation Module - Providing annotation capability to PDF docs [ blog ]

I worked on Annotations Project whose objective was to let users annotate on a PDF document through Sticky Notes, Highlighting text, Writing text over the pdf, etc. It gave me chance to work on 'Common Appearance Generation' module, which helps in translating user's gestures on the device to PDF specific drawing commands, so that the annotations added by the users become the part of PDF whenever the document is saved.
Work Areas: PDF Annotations Support, PDF Rendering Module, Sticky Notes UI, Free Form UI, Commenting Toolbar
Technologies Involved: C++, Java, Objective-C, Eclipse, XCode, RMSDK
Products Affected: Adobe Reader 10.1 (Android and iOS)

Delivery of Image Content in Messages through In-Product Messaging (IPM) Framework

Extended IPM framework to include image content in the messages, and made it scalable enough to support multimedia content later. It is being mainly used by Adobe Forms Central team to promote their online services in the client applications using images in the delivered messages.
Technologies Involved: C++, MS Visual Studio 08, XCode 3.2

Development of IPM framework for creating, targeting and delivering messages to the client application

Worked on designing and developing the In-Product Messaging (IPM) framework responsible for creation, targeting, and delivery of Adobe messages to the client applications. It can be used as a marketing tool and a media to interact with millions of client applications of Adobe Reader and Acrobat.
Technologies Involved: C++, MS Visual Studio 08, XCode 3.2