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November 8, 2008 12:15 PM CST by psilord in category Unfinished Junk

Making Simple Things Hard

I've been doing some more GTK+/glade coding: mostly because I really should be writing an interactive fiction game that's 85% of the way completed and I'm procrastinating instead. These little GTK projects basically have a time limit of 8 hours to learn whatever it is I need to know, write it, and make it so it doesn't suck (or at least not leak memory). I have some future project in mind so I figure getting right to the money shot is more worth my time.

Having such a restricted amount of time removes much of the polish and glitz which often surrounds GUI programs, you know, the stuff that makes it usable.

So, I present to you, in a manner that a dog presents to a fire hydrant, Chasm 0.1. This program simply takes a piece of C on the left, and shows you the assembly conversion of it to the right. For those of you with directional dyslexia, here is a picture:

A picture of Chasm Version 0.1

I'm probably never going to work on it again, hence it being "Unfinished Junk". Maybe someone out there who needs some example of something, like what not to do, can find it useful.

End of Line.

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