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November 3, 2010 12:59 AM CDT by psilord in category Lisp

Slaves Get Stuff Done

After a serious amount of time learning Lisp and hacking on my various projects, one of my projects has been released.

Check out CL-MW!

It is a distributed master/slave library written in pure Common Lisp designed to be easily integrated into batch processing systems like Condor. It currently works on SBCL and uses IOLib for its networking. I welcome patches to make it better and have a roadmap of features that need implementation.

I've written it to handle around 10,000 concurrent slaves and billions of fine to medium grain tasks. It has been tested in the low thousands of slaves and low billions of tasks with Condor and it ran very smoothly with moderate slave churn. Of course, once it gets into the wild I'm sure more bugs will be found and features desired.

Included are some example programs which illustrate the use of the library and a manual explaining how it all works. I would like to specifically thank Alan De Smet for his application of his excellent editing skills to the manual.

I'll soon make the rounds on comp.lang.lisp and cliki.net and whatnot announcing the library. It would be nice if it ended up in quicklisp too, so I have to figure that out as well. Hopefully other people besides me find CL-MW useful.

End of Line.

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