Recent Projects:

Easy-1 Communicators
Currently working with Professor Gregg in developing an all-in-one communication and socialization applications designed for those who cannot use standard computers because of their complexity.

Conversation with robots
Developing a dialog system where a robot can interact with people, for analysing the effect of gaze patterns in such conversations.

Intelligent Trading Bot
This artificial intelligent bot trades autonomously and makes a consistent profit in the stock market. It incorporates a text-mining engine to analyze sensitive news from all over the world, a statistical buy/sell signal generator and a fuzzy logic based trend extractor .

Virtual Clipboard
An innovative drag and drop multi-way clipboard for the Linux environment. The user can drag snippets into a Clipboard-GUI and then pull it back whenever required. It is available here as an open source plugin for gedit.

1. Purushothaman Ramraj, Harikrishna Narasimhan,“Contribution Based Clustering Algorithm for Content Based Image Retrieval” in the Fifth International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Mangalore, India, August 2010