Old Notes

5/12: A sample final is available in Postscript or PDF.

4/17: Signup for Project 4 Demo on Friday, May 10th right here.

4/20: Project 4 is now available.

4/17: Signup for Project 3 Demo on Friday, April 19th right here.

4/16: Discussion is replaced with an extra office hour today. NOTE: This office hour may start a little bit late, at 1:15pm.

4/9: Discussion will be held today in 1358 (the Nova lab).

4/2: Project 2 solutions are now available. For this and the rest of the projects, I will pick a student's project as the solution guide (assuming there is at least one group that does it well and gets most things right). For P2, the solution posted was written by the project group consisting of Ping Chen and Anne Mulhern. There were many other good choices, but I thought this one was well done and clearer than most.

3/19: Revised Project 3 is now available.

3/21: The midterm solution guide is available in Postscript or PDF.

3/21: Midterm grade distribution

3/19: Project 3 is now available.

3/13: Find the practice exam right here.

3/13: There will be an office hour today at 2:30 to 3:30 to cover last minute exam questions. Tomorrow's office hour is cancelled.

3/13: Project 2 grades are now available. Click on this link to find your grades, and click here for the distribution.

3/12: For each exam, a single page "cheat sheet" (8.5 by 11 inches) is allowed, and you can use both sides; exams are otherwise closed-book and closed-note.

3/7: Demos will be held in 1358, barring further notice.

3/6: Signup for Project 2 Demo on Friday, March 8th right here

3/5: Please read a note on cheating.

2/19: Please send me the names of the members of your project group - thanks!

2/14: Project 2 is now available.

2/14: Looking for a partner? Click Here

2/12: The first midterm will be held Thursday, March 14, in class.

2/12: The Solutions to Project 1 are now available.

2/12: Use this form to find out your grades so far in the class.

2/12: Check out the Project 1 Grade Distribution to see if you should start worrying.

2/12: Note: discussion today will be like a normal lecture.

2/7: Demos will be held in 1358, barring further notice.

2/6: Demos are on Friday, February 8th. You can now sign up for one here.

2/5: The Sun Answerbook may be more useful than man pages for some of you. Check it out.

2/2: Please use the mailing list cs537-question@cs to ask questions about the project. All such questions and their responses will be logged here.

1/30: It looks like some ECEs will be let into the course. Please send me email if you are still interested!

1/30: Project 1 has been updated slightly. Please revisit it (and make sure to hit reload).

1/25: There will be NO LECTURE on Tuesday, 01/29 (next class), as I am out of town. However, there WILL BE a discussion at 1pm (Matt McCormick will teach that).

1/25: Project 1 is now available, and due in about two weeks.

1/25: Note on admissions: If you are a CS major (undergraduate or graduate), you should be able to register for the course sometime today. If you are a CMPE undergraduate, you should also be able to register. Please register as soon as possible so we can get an idea of how many additional people will be adding the course. For those of you who are ECE grads, we unfortunately do not yet know if we have the additional TA support necessary to allow you into the course -- we will know more about this early next week, and if such support is available, you will also be allowed into the course. Finally, if you have not been mentioned so far, you will not be allowed into the course -- many apologies for the inconvenience.

1/24: Note that my office hours have changed (now they are both T and Th at 2-3pm)