Sol Sadeghi

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  • Sadeghi, S., Carey, J. (2017). Phase-based Business Cyclic Patterns in Dynamic Linear Models, submitted to Microsoft Journal of Applied Research (MSJAR)

  • Sadeghi, S., Qian, P.Z.G., and Arora, N. (2017). Sliced Minimum Aberration Designs for Four-platform Experiments, to be submitted to Technometrics, PDF

  • Sadeghi, S., Qian, P.Z.G., and Arora, N. (2016). Sliced Designs for Multi-platform Online Experiments, submitted to Marketing Science, PDF

  • Sadeghi, S., Arora, N., Qian, P.Z.G., Li, J. and Pavlidis, Y. (2015). Scalable Assessment of Cross Category Promotion Effects Using Machine Learning, working paper

  • Sadeghi, S. and Mahlooji, H. (2010). A New Approach in Fitting Linear Regression Models with the Aim of Improving Accuracy and Power, Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (JISE), Volume 4, Number 2, pp. 95-113

Other Projects

  • 2015 - Data Division
    Optimal division of large and complex datasets into homogeneous batches and allocation to different servers in order to do parallel computing

  • 2015 - Cannibalization and Halo Effects
    A probabilistic approach to Cannibalizations and Halo for modeling large and complex Sam's Club data

  • 2014 - Search Engine Optimization
    Keyword optimization on a complex dataset from Google AdWords and designing experiments to fill empty spaces in order to improve conversion profitability

  • 2014 - Predictive Modeling
    Predictive response modeling effort in between two waves of mailings to QuickBooks customers with the aim of improving wave-two response rates and company profits

  • 2013 - Ranking Algorithms
    Worked on a dataset from with the aim of learning from consumer behaviors in order to rank hotels across different queries using machine learning algorithms