Sathiya Kumaran Mani

I'm a graduate student in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where I received my M.S. degree in 2016. Currently I'm pursuing my Ph.D., advised by Prof. Paul Barford. I earned my B.Tech in Information Technology from PSG College of Technology (PSG Tech), Anna University in 2010.

Synchronizing clocks across computers over the Internet is an interesting problem. Much advancements has been made in this area due to the efforts of Mills et al. My research goal is to understand the usage of NTP and other clock synchronization protocols and also enhance the time synchronization of clocks over wireless links. I have developed frameworks that use the NTP data opportunistically, to understand one-way delay characteristics across the Internet [HotNets' 15]. In my current research, I'm working on improving time synchronization across a range of mobile and wireless devices, with an objective of developing protocols that improve accuracy without being resource intensive.


MNTP: Enhancing Time Synchronization for Mobile Devices (paper)
Sathiya Kumaran Mani, Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Paul Barford and Joel Sommers
(To appear) In Proceedings of ACM IMC'16, Santa Monica, CA, USA, November 2016.

Time's Forgotten: Using NTP to Understand Internet Latency (paper)
Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Sathiya Kumaran Mani, Joel Sommers and Paul Barford
In Proceedings of ACM HotNets'15, Philadelphia, PA, USA, November 2015.


Detecting high availability readiness of a distributed computing system
Senthil Kumar Veluswamy, Sathiya Kumaran Mani, Shubham Tagra
US Patent #9,454,416 (link)


Department of Computer Sciences
1210, W. Dayton St.,
Madison, WI - 53715.