Stephen Brown

Game Projects

Below are descriptions of some of the game projects that I've worked on, in reverse-chronological order. Dinos v. Vikings, Zeppelin Baron, and Rail Baron were created as part of EECS 494: Video Game Design during my senior year at Michigan. Battleship 1941 was created for EECS 285: Java Programming, during my junior year. These games vary in the degree to which they are done -- some are more proof of concepts than actual games.

Dinosaurs vs Vikings

A game I co-developed with Aric Velbel, Brian McDonald, and Yi Li (And music by Jon Gregoire). The setting is the Late Cretacous, where one day, a vortex suddenly appears in the sky, spewing hordes of ferocious Viking warriors. Dinosaurs across the continent flee in terror, leaving their fate in the hands of four brave dinosaur wizards. Gameplay is similar to that of the Simpsons Arcade game and Castle Crashers. Up to four players can work together to cast spells to throw back the Viking invaders.

Development lasted approximately 7 weeks. The game is mostly complete, and is fairly well-polished. Fun Fact: Sid Meier played our game at the design expo. In December of 2012, I patched the game to fix some known issues.

Download Version 1.1, for Windows

Zeppelin Baron

Zeppelin Baron is a First-Person Zeppelin game where the player is thrust into an ongoing battle between zeppelin fleets. It is up to the player to turn the tide of battle by securing strategic outposts.

The game was created over a 3-week time window. I was particularly proud of the detailed mini-map, the aggressive AI, and the skydome. The game is a bit hard to understand at first... someday I will update the in-game instructions...

Download Version 1.0, for Windows

Rail Baron

Rail Baron is a top-down arcade game, where the player must drive his train through a busy railyard, collecting and depositing cars along the way.

I designed and developed the game over a 3-week timeframe. It features very rudimentary graphics and is more of a proof of concept than an actual game. Nevertheless, there are 3 "levels," including the infamous Gator Level. There is a "story," although I can't say it makes much sense.

Download Version 1.0, for Windows

Battleship 1941

Along with Brian McDonald and Hunter Burk, I created a port of the classic Hasbro game, Battleship. It features a single player mode, where you face off against the battleship Bismarck, a single long ship that fires 3 3-shot salvoes every turn. Also available is same-screen Multiplayer and Networked play. There is also a separate version of the game which provides networked play through Google App Engine.

Download Version 1.0, cross-platform