...in and around Madison, Wisconsin

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  • Some thoughts on inheritance-as-delegation

Some off-the-beaten-path pictures of Arizona, on the way to Angel Basin.

Some off-the-beaten-path pictures of the Mandelbrot Set. There are a few more to see.

Wisconsin has incredible state parks. The pictures below are from a recent (Labor Day 2008) canoe trip at Wyalusing State Park, which sits at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. We ended up paddling along both rivers.

Fun (and old) Software

checkers.exe: my first attempt at shareware (it's freeware now). I think I grossed all of $60.00 from this. Checkers is a one- or two- player checkers game for Win32 that I wrote many, many years ago. Single player mode uses some simple AI heuristics; two-player mode can be played on the same machine or over the internet. Written in C++.

sierpenski.exe: a very simple win32 app for drawing 2D sierpenski gaskets. Written in C++.

mandelbrot.exe: a win32 app for generating Mandelbrot and Julia sets and zooming in on the images you save. You can designate two points on a mandelbrot set and generate the julia sets on the line segment connecting them. This app has a lot of rough spots, but I did use it to generate all the mandelbrot set fractals above. Someday I'll go through the code, clean the interfaces, add some threading, and so forth. Written in C++.