802.11b implementation + grey model packet loss + ARF

v.6 (5/10/2007)


SNR.tgz is an add-on to Network Simulator 2.

This package was designed to investigate situations where inter-node interference was expected to play a factor. This code is pulled from a research project and (despite my best efforts) may contain code not relevant to the goals listed. The package has been tested, but testing mainly focused on my research. It is highly likely that this code will break other areas of ns2(wired connections, satellite connections, etc.). Use it at your own risk! This code is torn from a yet incomplete research project, it may still contain bugs! View the ReadMe for more information and oTcl important commands added.

Due to scope issues the multiple interface code has been removed. Please use v.4 at your own risk if you require multiple interfaces. By design NS2 routing is based on node ID, not interface IPs. When modifying NS2 to use IPs I ended up rewriting much more than I had time to. This was dropped due to time constraints.

This code uses Vivek Shrivastava's 802.11b channel bleed calcuations

Funtionality provided

(Detailed Description: html, pdf)


Download ns-2.28 from ns page. Here is a copy of ns-allinone-2.28 if you need it.
Install and verify the ns-allinone package
Copy SNR.tgz into the main ns-2.28 directory.
Unpack SNR.tgz
Use example.tcl and example2.tcl to discover new functionality.

Future work

Upgrade to 2.31
Fix mid-transmission bug
Rework code for modularity and clarity
Allow for FEC with SNR error

Previous Versions

Change Log

Version .4
Version .3
Version .1

Last updated: May 10th, 2007