Computer Sciences Dept.

Mary K. Vernon

Professor of Computer Science
                  and Industrial Engineering
Picture of Mary K. Vernon
Research Interests: Techniques and applications of computer systems performance analysis, high performance network protocols, networked system security, parallel/distributed applications and architectures, Grid and cluster job scheduling.

Ph.D. Graduates

Vikram Adve, Ph.D. 1993
"Analyzing the Behavior and Performance of Parallel Programs"

Jussara Almeida, Ph.D. 2003
"Streaming Content Distribution Networks with Minimum Delivery Cost"

Greg Brewster, Ph.D. 1994
"The Impact of Propagation Delays on the Performance of Distributed Queue Dual Bus Networks"

Su-Hui Chiang, Ph.D. 2001
"Evaluation of Parallel Job Scheduling Policies for Production Scientific Workloads"

Mark Holliday, Ph.D. 1986
"Deterministic Time and Analytic Models of Parallel Architectures"

Scott Leutenegger, Ph.D. 1990
"Issues in Multiprogrammed Multiprocessor Scheduling"

Rajesh Mansharamani, Ph.D. 1993
"Efficient Analysis of Parallel Processor Scheduling Policies"

Thin Fong Tsuei, Ph.D. 1990
"Diagnosing and Predicting Parallel Program Speedups"

M.S. Graduates (Theses)

David Sundaram-Stukel, M.S. 1998
"Predictive Analysis of a Wavefront Application Using LogGP"

Judy Liu, M.S. (UCLA) 1983
"The Design of a Hardware Building Block Specification Form"

Charles Strawbridge, M.S. (UCLA) 1983
"Analysis of a Dataflow Signal Processing Algorithm Mapped Onto a Multiprocessor Architecture"

B.S. Graduates (undergraduate research)

Matthew Frank, B.S. 1995
"LoPC: Modeling of Contention in Parallel Algorithms" and
"A Hybrid Shared Memory/Message Passing Parallel Machine".

Jeffrey Krueger, B.S. 2001
"Analysis of Educational Media Server Workloads".

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