Computer Sciences Dept.

Mary K. Vernon

Professor of Computer Science
                  and Industrial Engineering
Picture of Mary K. Vernon
Research Interests: Techniques and applications of computer systems performance analysis, high performance network protocols, networked system security, parallel/distributed applications and architectures, Grid and cluster job scheduling.

Current Research Projects

  • CIPART: Critical Infrastructure Protection through Analysis of Reliability and Trustworthiness
    (DoD University Research Initiatives (URI) Program/ARO)

  • HPJS: High Performance Job Scheduling
    (NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI) Program/NCSA)

  • POEMS/MASC: Performance-Oriented End-to-end Modeling System/Models for Adaptive Software Control
    (NSF Next Generation Software Program)

  • SWORD: Scalable Wide-area On-demand Reliable Data Streaming
    (NSF NeTS Program)

  • iSWORD: Instrumented Streaming Research and Testbed
    (NSF Networking Special Projects Program)

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