Flint: Type Checking and Program Analysis for F-Script

Flint is an experimental type checker and program analyzer for F-Script. Flint will find several common errors in F-Script programs, including:

Flint is under active development. Please send any feedback to weinrich |at| wisc.edu.


Download Flint 0.1a Source and Binaries

Research Goals

Flint is a research project that focuses on type checking for hybrid compiled-interpreted programming environments. For more information about Flint's research goals, please read the following draft paper:

Type Inference in Mixed Compiled / Scripting Environments, Andrew Weinrich, 2007. This paper is currently being revised and expanded for possible future publication.


Flint requires the following packages and tools to be installed:

Flint is a universal, 32/64-bit package and will work on any machine that supports Leopard.


Version 0.1 - Initial release

License and Legal

Flint is copyright 2008 Andrew Weinrich, and is released under Version 2.0 of the GNU General Public License. The text of the license is included in the downloadable disk image.