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About Me


    My name is Wang Yufei. I was an undergraduate student from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), majoring in Computer Science and Technology. Now I am pursuing my master of science degree in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin Madison.
    I am passionate in computer programming, and I have experiences in Robotics, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. I also have strong interest in software developing, and I have experience in developing real-world software backend with ability of dealing with big data flows.
    Now I am seeking for 2019 summer intership.


proficient: C, MATLAB, Python
familiar: C++, Java, SQL, Scala

Research Interests

Computer Vision: Image processing, pattern recognition, etc.
Natural Language Processing: Entity disambiguation, text classification, etc.
Machine Learning: Deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc.


2018.09 - Present
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant at University of Wisconsin-Madison
TA for CS540 (Intro to Machine Learning)
2018.09 - Present
Graduate Student
Strat studying at University of Wisconsin-Madison
Degree Expected: Master of Science in Computer Science
2018.03 - 2018.06
Research & Engineering Intern
Intern at Bytedance Co., Ltd.
Worked in the Natural Language Processing Group
Focused on entity disambiguation
2017.09 - 2018.01
Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant for 2017 Data Structure class
Work included grading, designing course experiment and answering questions
Student Ambassador
Student Ambassador of 2017 UWA Open Day
Worked as a volunteer in OBEL
2017.07 - 2017.08
Research Intern
Research Intern at University of Western Australia
Worked in OBEL & the Lions Eye Institute
Focused on AO-image processing
2016.09 - 2018.01
Research Assistant
Research Assistant at USTC
Worked in Multi-Agent Systems Lab
Developed a control algorithm for HPN soft manipulator
Co-authored a paper which was accepted by IROS 2017
2016.03 - 2016.06
Exchange Student
Exchange Student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Studied in SJTU for the whole spring semester
Grades recorded in the transcript from USTC
2015.09 - 2018.07
Member of the Talent Program
Joined The Talent Program in Computer and Information Science and Technology
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View certificate here
2014.12 - 2016.07
Member in Tech. Dept.
Joined USTC Microsoft Student Club
2014.09 - 2018.07
Undergraduate Student
Started studying at USTC
Degree expected: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology

Selected Projects

Feedback Control Algorithm for Soft Manipulator Based on Honey-comb Pneumatic Networks
I proposed a model-less control method, which was the first to implement accurate position and orientation control for soft manipulators under uncertain external load in 3D space. The video illustrates the effectiveness of the control algorithm. Related paper Model-Less Feedback Control for Soft Manipulators (pdf) was accapted by IROS (IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) 2017.
Yusong Jin, Yufei Wang, Xiaotong Cheng, Zhanchi Wang, Hao Jiang and Xiaoping Cheng
Non-invasive Assessment of Photoreceptor Cells in Human Retina
I developed an algorithm for measurement of cone photoreceptor cells density by untilizing the Yellot’s ring in the Fourier domain of original retina images. The algorithm achieved higher accuracy on blurred images than other algorithms utilizing Hough Transform, soft-margin SVM and CNN on real-world clinical datasets. I also developed a workflow which can analyze retina images fully automatically, including image preprocessing, automatic image cropping and cone counting algorithms. The picture illustrates the image cropping process in the workflow.
Yufei Wang, Dr Danuta Sampson, Prof. David Sampson
Callgraph Generating Algorithm for C++ Programs
It was the course work of 2017 USTC Principles and Techniques of Compiler(H) class. We designed an algorithm for analyzing the calling sequence of C++ functions by utilizing LLVM libraries, and illustrating the calllgraph in a picture. The picture illustrates a sample of the results.
Yixiao Zhang, Yufei Wang, Hongzhu Zhao, Prof. Yu Zhang
The code of the project is confidential, so link of the project can not be provided here.
Machine Learning: Implementation of Classifers & K-means Algorithm
It was the course work for 2017 USTC Fundamental Artificial Intelligence class. I implemented several algorithms to group comments from IMDB comment dataset, and achieved K-means algorithm for image compression. The picture illustrates results generated by K-means algorithm with different parameters.
Yufei Wang, Prof. Linli Xu

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Student Scholarship
Silver Award, Sep 2016 & Sep 2015
The award is for students who are in the top 10% of the Computer Science Department in the last year.
Scholarship for the Talent Program
First Prize, Dec 2016 & Dec 2015
The prize is for students who are in the top 10% of the Talent Program in the last year.
Huawei Award for University of Science and Technology of China
Prize for Undergraduate, Dec 2017
The prize is for students who are in the top 1% of the univeristy.