Spring 2010
Team 1 - "The Uno"
Understanding Ideation Design Prototyping Evaluation Final Solution
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"Where did you go today?"



Have you ever got home late at night and couldn't believe that it was as late as it was? Where did all the time go? Or have you ever had a day that was so busy that you couldn't remember if you were at a certain place in this morning or the day before? Then Breadcrumbs is for you!

Breadcrumbs uses GPS technology in your cell phones to actively track where you go throughout the day. It keeps tabs of the routes you take, the places you stop, and how long you spend there. It is the perfect companion for someone on the go.

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Team 1 ("The Uno"):
- Tyler Ambroziak
Nathalie Cheng
Jared Punzel

Spring 2010 . CS 638 - Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction . University of Wisconsin - Madison