I am a former graduate student in the Computer Sciences PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I completed my dissertation under my advisor Professor Jerry Zhu in the summer of 2015. I am now in NYC working as a data scientist/machine learning researcher.


My primary area of interest is machine learning, specifically the improvement of machine learning models through the study of human learners (and vice versa). This includes cognitive modeling, perception and human-computer cooperation.


Bryan R. Gibson received his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. After spending several years involved with online course production and distribution at UM, Bryan had the opportunity to work closely with Prof. Dragomir Radev on several NLP projects, followed by acceptance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he went on to receive his M.S. and continues to work with an outstanding group of collaborators, including Profs. Jerry Zhu, Tim Rogers, Chuck Kalish and Martha Alibali. He received his PhD in Computer Science in the summer of 2015 for the thesis titled "Using Machine Learning to Understand and Influence Human Categorization Behavior". His research interests lie at the intersection of Machine Learning and Cognitive Psychology.