I'm not a man, I'm an Animal!

Man is but an animal... At the same time, man has a brain and thinks and can hopefully control himself more than an "unthinking animal" can.

Although people seem less like animals and more like automatons all the time, maybe there is a bit of hope.

This page is bit rough for now; it was carved from my New Items page and has to be organized more.

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Social Animal

This section is information for the bit of the animal left in us. Some of these are considered to be "good" for you, and some others "not-so-good". Attitudes about the goodness or badness of the items vary widely.

Personality is Everything?

As Liz puts it

Bolo, you were locked away in a computer lab for 20 years! While everyone else was out dating

Ufortunately she is right. OK, gotta play catch-up here. I seem to be missing the parts that let one expose that (personality, thank you) to others!


The Spadout Wiki has great info on materials and techniques of skiing. It even explains the physics of wax --- with detail you can increase your knowledge of wax for non-ski purposes!

Martial Arts




Which is otherwise kwown as Table Tenis, but I prefer the more fun term.

The Body

Our body is an amazing Animal. It can GO-GO-GO all day long ... as long as we treat it right. Treat it wrong, and it doesn't have that get-up-and-go.


It turns out that Hydration is of critical importance to good health and being. It affects the physical parts of your body, things such as muscle cramping, weakness, respiration, endurance, reaction time, body temperature, sinuses and breathing, sight, ec. It also affects the mental parts of the body: alertness, , endurance and reaction time, thinking and trains-of-thought.

For example, I strongly believe that if I had been better hydrated that perhaps I might have not had a motorcycle crash. Slow reaction times, problems recognizing the situation, reacting to it, ... maybe or maybe not. A factor, yes I think so.

Hydration is even more important when you are active or taking supplements. All that activity and supplements require additional fluid intake over the couch potatoe's 8-12 glasses per day. The temperature of the fluid is a problem too -- warm water just sits in the gut. Cool water is absorbed better -- and it helps reduce your core body temperature too. Electrolytes are important too; they help the fluid be absorbed into the body faster, and also replace those lost in sweat. Drinking just plain water can still leave you dehydrated.

Drinking also dehydrates you, so drink a lot afterwards, Ensure you hydrate adequately for activities the next day. After a pleasant night drinking a lot, your body may be dehydrated for a couple of days! Coffee is another common de-hydrant, try cutting it with decaf or reduce your coffee volume when the weather is hot or other situations when hydration is critical. Sleeping, airplane flights, warm days, and exercise all are dehydrating events, so be sure to work on hydrating really well during, after, and in advance of those events.

As far as hydration fluids go..


Our modern computerized desk-bound world causes some problems with our bodies ... which are designed as hunter-gathers running across plains and forests. Chasing down prey and killing them. Yum Yum. Compared to that, well desk-bound folks just don't do anything. This can cause some problems with our bodies, with our posture in particular.

Some of this stuff is hocus-pocus witch doctery, but just because there is that "salesmanship" issue, there are some salient points that even the "buy me" folks make. You just have to ignore the

Weight Loss

Calories Trackers

The best one I like so far is Lose It!, an iPhone app which runs on the phone and doesn't talk back to a mother ship.

I stumbled across these looking for solutions:




Publications -- Paper & Web

Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers


Here are some races that I've run or walked in. I've also added other runs as I've stumbled across them.
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