New Items

These are new things that I've recently (haha) found. They will sit here until I decide where to put them in my WWW pages. Similarily, misfit documents which I haven't thought of a good place to locate are here as well. Think of it as a dumping ground of URLs I find interesting, but ran out of time to deal with.

I've attempted to organize these items by categories. Those categories are either a container for those items, or an indication of where I might eventually locate them.

I'm going to break up this page into some smaller sections soon. It takes way too long to download on my home machines! Paging through it to find a section takes too long as well. When that happens there will be some more integrated sections, rather than the current haphazard layout.


Although people seem less like animals and more like automatons all the time ...
This section has moved to its own page.


Arts and Literature

Furry, MUCKs, MUDs


I list sf conventions here either because I plan on attending the con, or because the con is important or otherwise noteworthy.


Views individuals have about various subjects. I may agree with some of these views, others are interesting in their opinion.






Has Has moved to a dedicated page.

Amateur Radio

Individual Amateurs

Associations & Clubs

Equipment & Suppliers

Model Whatever

I'm somewhat interested in various models of real-things; helicopters, submarines, ships, vehicles, railroads, etc. Someof this goes along with my interest in robotics; a mobile robot needs a mobility base!

Most of this stuff has Moved to my Radio Control Page, the rest is here until my Railroad and Model Page is sorted out.


This section contains both a software packages, and issues that software should address.

Algorithms, Ideas and References






It's getting harder and harder to maintain small domains and home networks these days. Decent connectivity is harder and harder to come by Everything is oriented towards larger corporations and businesses which can deduct fees. This following lists several organizations

Security and Bugs

Unfortunately some of these WWW sites are browser-crashers.

WWW Privacy

Local Providers to Madison and Monona WI

Some of these providers aren't local, but larger providers who have local coverage.

Concrete Birds

New operating systems for new and old machines...

Standards & FAQs

OS/2, DOS, Macintosh, and Windows


These contents have moved to my Railroad Page


Food & Cooking


Links to things in the government directly, as well as other places that can help you find what you need in the gov't.

Things to ease the way through the maze of govt

Work Shop

Telecom & Internet Connectivity

4wd Vehicles






State, country, city, university and other local information

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