HTML Shipyard

Some of these HTML documents are still on the ways, being built. Others are in drydock, awaiting a finishing touch. If you find problems or have a suggestion, please tell me!

Table of Contents

Hull Patches

I had trouble reading these documents. Some of the problems with the old HTML in these repaired documents were:

I've made local copies of the images for some of these pages. For others I haven't; it depends if the images were causing oddities with the document formatting.

My hope is for the authors to reclaim these improved (IMHO) documents, so that others may also read them with ease!

Robot Information

FurryMUCK Server Documents

I've been converting some of the FurryMUCK server, TinyMUCK, documents to HTML. I hope they will eventually make their way back into the master collection of Muck documentation which Telzey created.

Usenet News WWW page

This page is my prototype for news' eventual WWW information about Usenet News. I hope to build a collection of information about news software, documentation, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other information that will help users of news.

RFC Conversions

These RFCs have been converted from preformatted text to HTML, making them easier to read with any browser.

Hayes ESP Documentation

I'm working on a NetBSD device driver for the Hayes ESP high speed serial interface.

I tend to prefer online documentation, so I'm in the progress of converting Hayes's documentation to HTML. Note that Hayes has some ridiculous copyright restrictions on this document, so please don't make any copies of it. Any errors in the HTML conversion are my fault.


Forth Papers

So far the only entry here is a HTML version of Frank Sergeant's 3 Instruction Forth article.
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