I've put together this small list of projects that I've worked on in my shop. Something to remind me that I actually do something down there once in a while. Also a reminder of projects that I want to work on, to inspire me.

As with the rest of my WWW pages, I don't have any photos. I hope to correct that some day, but until then it is just text.

Future Projects

Current Projects -- 2007

Current Projects -- 2006

Current Projects -- 2001

Recent Projects -- 2001

Mark-II Wood Rack

Garage Brackets

Christmas Tree Stand

Past Projects -- 1995

Speaker Stands

Or speaker mounts. These were used to mount a set of surround speakers on the wall so they would be out of the way. Material was red oak. Joinery was butt joints and rabbets.

The speakers had a convenient mounting plate at the bottom, which was inconveniently placed. I used a scrap of wood to create a channel in the rear piece to allow the bolt to be inserted.


A random medium-quality table top that I have to constuct a base for. Due to some wood tints, this table has an odd zebra effect due to darker/lighter boards. I thought it was different when I did it, but I am not certain about its looks for the long run. A darker stain may be just the thing to make the top more uniform. Material was pine, with normal edge-gluing.


This is a skeletal end table or short coffee table. It is designed to be used either vertically or horizontally. Just stand it on a side or an end as needed. Material is red oak. Joinery is half-laps.

This project is waiting for two things. One is for the two side frames to be joined. I initially planned to use more half laps for this, but I don't think there is enough wood contact area in the cross piece to end piece to make it strong enough. I am considering re-thinking that joint, and gluing some decorative blocks of wood in the existing half-laps in the frames. A variation on a sliding dovetail, which has mechanical strength, may be just the thing there. Another alternative are biscuits or a wedged mortise and tenon. I'm still thinking on it though. Oh yeah, and I'm thinking of pinning the half-laps on the frame sides to be overly thorough.

I haven't decided what the top(s) of this are going to be. Glass, so you can see all the woodwork, or so I don't have to worry about breaking glass, either plywood or a raised panel.

Repairing a 3 panel door

Well, two horizontal panels and a light. At one of the apartments I lived in the owners let me setup my workshop in the area of the basement that normally just for them. This was great, I could continue my woodworking. Some water had started to rot a door to the garage. The owners were going to get a new door, but because of cost it wouldn't have had a light in it. Fortunately, only one member of the door had actually started to rot. I took apart the old door, machined a replacment for the part that was rotting, and glued the whole thing back together. Just a small project, but I did it to sorta say Thank You to the nice couple that let me have my workshop in their part of the basement. My shop would have been shut down for even more years if not for their kindness.

Kitchen Accesories

This actually covers several projects spread out across a time period. I'm putting them all together here because all my kitchen accessories share a similar style or motif.

The common motif is hard maple edge-glued pieces. The cooling rack uses the same pieces as the cutting-boards, but joins the end pieces with dowels, instead of more cutting board surface.

All pieces are finished with kitchen oils. I started with corn oil, which has served me well. A friend recommended non-XXX forget term XXX oils such as Walnut oil, which do not go rancid. I've not had any real problem with the corn oil, though I have switched to walnut for subsequent coats. The traditional finish for cutting boards is mineral oil, but I don't care for that.

If I return to making more things in this series, some pot-holders, a larger carving board, and perhaps a cooling-rack rack would be things I'd work on.

VCR Tape Racks

Ancient Projects -- 1980s

Some of these I worked on myself. Some I worked with friends to build for other friends. Some my friends helped me to build.

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