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I enjoy building things. Things can be concrete objects made from wood, metal or plastic. Things can also be abstract objects made of electrons, such as computer software. The computer software section is somewhere else. This page is for more traditional "workshop" interests.

Unfortunately, I haven't been in my workshop since May of 2003 or so. I hurt my arm doing something. Then I managed to stick mortice chisel into the web of my left hand while I was sharpening it. It was a beautifully clean cut from a sharp blade, but made that hand quite painful to use. Unfotunately I over-used my right hand and arm while that was healing, and managed to screw up something in the right side very painfully. As of November I think that is under control, but I haven't been doing anything in my shop in the meantime. :(

Recently, I dunno, I seemed a bit burnt out on my shop. Which is strange, because it is in a great shape to do things with now! The only thing it really needs is some better organized storage so I don't need to tromp from end to end to get tools out and put them away. Mayhaps I'll find some time when the weather is bad this winter to build some simple cabinets and such to reorganize the shop.

There is another reason I don't do much stuff in my shop any more, but it involves sadness and a wonderful girl. Sigh. Oh well.

Here are some things that I have written. Some are notes to myself about things not to do. Others are lessons learned, that maybe other people can benefit from. Usually you need to learn those yourself, even if someone else mentions them to you... you don't know they really are important until you do them yourself. Things discovered is another.

I am working on some pieces, aka WIP Work In Progress. I also have reminders of pieces I that I want to write:

My workshop links have expanded dramatically to reflect some of the other interests I have that can be done in my shop ...

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