Sources and Suppliers for the Workshop

I've split off my suppliers and manufacturers sections into this document so my web pages don't take too long to load. Hopefully it won't cut down on the usability any.

Manufacturers of Tools

Also look at the tool and pieces parts sections in my list of companies. I've attempted to organize these by a categories of Metalworking Machinery, Woodworking Machinery, and Tooling, either metal or wood.


Also look at the Electrical and CNC section for info on DROs and other "non-cast-iron" metalworking tools.

Wood Hand Tools

Wood Jigs and Fixtures


Dust Collection

I've located the various people who have a good selection of reasonably priced dust collection equipment here for reference. Many of the larger companies (Delta, Jet, Grizzly) also have dust collection products as part of their lineup. These companies specialize in dust collectors.

Hand Tools


Welding, Brazing & Soldering

Fasteners & Layout & Measurement


Electrical, CNC, DRO

Design and Drafting Tools

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Components

Model Engineering & Steam

This list is a combination of both manufacturers and suppliers. I made this section to make it easier to find companies that produced things for the model engineering market. There may be some non-model companies here, but they are included due to their producing things that are relevant to steam power or model engineering.

Large Scale Model Railroading

Once you start making live steam locomotives, it helps to know of suppliers. Suppliers for all those varied and sundry parts that you could spend the rest of your life building yourself! These companies have all sorts of good supplies, such as truck castings, couplers, brake systems, etc.



Maryland Metrics has various BS (British Standard) taps and dies as well as metric stuff; BSW, BSF, BSA, BSC, etc. Also wrenches and whatnot.



I buy a lot of my shop equipment from Workbench Tool Company. It is a local business; I can ask for information, and there is a good chance that they know what they are talking about. Even though they are not a deep-discount mail order house, I take my business to them because they provide more than just the low prices the mail order places offer.


I dislike finishing things. That doesn't mean I dislike finishes, I just don't like that part of the project very much. Oh well. There are some really nice finishes out there, these are some.

Model and Toy Plans


Welding, et-al

Fasteners & Hardware

Powertrain & Bearing

Electrical & CNC

The Workshop
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