Rahul Chatterjee

Rahul Chatterjee
রাহুল চ্যাটার্জ্জী

Assistant Professor
Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin—Madison
Office: CS 7373
Email: rahul.chatterjee (at) wisc.edu

I design secure systems to make digital technologies safe and secure for everyone. My research methodology combines empiricism with analytical techniques. Some of my recent research includes: designing secure and usable authentication systems, securing private data in trigger-action platforms, mitigating abuse of smart home devices by an abusive intimate partner, and building security mindset CS undergraduate students. My CV can be found here. Also check out our Madison Security & Privacy group. I am always looking for self-motivated students who are interested in working on real-world digital security and privacy problems. If you have a relevant research idea and want to collaborate please drop me a note.

I have founded Madison Tech Clinic (MTC) to support survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence who are experiencing technology-faciliated abuse. This is an initiative similar to CETA in NYC. We work with Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) for providing support to survivors. We are looking for passionate volunteers for MTC. Please reach out to me if you are interested.


  • (Co-advised with Earlence Fernandes)
PhD Committee
  • Akhil Polamarasetty
  • Sneha Tripathi
  • (BS, Fa'22 - Sp '23)
  • (MS, Fa '21 - Fa '22)
  • Varun Chadha (MS, Fa '21 - Sp '22)
  • Quinn Cassidy (BS, WISCERS 2021, Fa '21 - Sp '22)
  • Sammuel Moon (BS, Fa '21 - Sp '22)
  • Stephen Fan (BS, Fa '21)
  • Katy Dong (BS, Fa '20 - Sp '21 --> MS at CMU)
  • Yukun Li (BS, Fa '20 - Sp '21 --> MS at CMU)
  • Ruizhe Wang (BS, Fa' 20 - Sp '21, --> MMath at Univ. of Waterloo)
  • Athena Sayles (MS, Sp '20 - Sp '21, Co-advised with Earlence Fernandes)
  • Suleman Ahmad (MS, Sp '20 - Sp '21, --> Cloudflare)
  • Neal Pongmorrakot (BS, Sp '20 - Sp '21)
  • Kieran Mulligan (BS, Fa '20)
  • Deepak Srinath (MS, Fa '19 - Fa '20)


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