spline bibliography

This is the collection of references, presumably relevant in spline theory, begun by Larry Schumaker and presently kept up by Carl de Boor. It was last updated on 3apr13.
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SEARCH here for all the references fitting a given pattern. The search engine at the above-mentioned mirror site is more powerful, as is its original version at a mirror site in the US. On the other hand, the search here responds with an ascii file, ready to be incorporated into a \TeX\ file.

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The references are sorted alphabetically by author, with each reference carrying a unique label, fashioned from author name(s) and year of publication.

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The references are in a format that (i) makes it easy to convert them via \TeX, into whatever format some journal or editor might desire (including BibTeX), yet (ii) makes it easy to type them in without the need for various code words. The \TeX\ file refmac.tex contains details and examples for the use of these references in a \TeX\ environment. The format is explained in detail at the end of the \TeX-file journal.tex which also contains the definition of the abbreviations of journal names used in the references. The abbreviations for standard proceedings used can be found in proceed.tex.