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CS 240 - Intro to Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2011
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Course Description

This course provides an undergraduate-level introduction to discrete mathematics geared towards prospective Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering majors. It covers fundamental concepts of mathematics (definitions, proofs, sets, functions, and relations) and focuses on the discrete structures that are ubiquitous in digital computing: integers, bits, strings, and graphs. The goal of the course is two-fold:

  • making you familiar with those structures and related notions that are relevant to computer science, and
  • developing your skills to reason rigorously about those structures and notions, especially in an algorithmic context.
An important focal point is induction and its algorithmic uses.


There is no required text. Lecture notes will be made available after each class.


Math 221 (first semester of calculus) is the prerequisite stated in the course catalog. In addition, as this section is intended for prospective CS and ECE majors, some prior programming experience will be presumed.

Course Work

  • Quizzes (5%). You are required to attend one of the weekly discussion sections. Quizzes will be administered during the discussion sections.

  • Homework (30%). There will be weekly assignments, which will be due at the beginning of class. The graded copies will be returned in your discussion section.

  • Exams: Midterm 1 (20%) on Wed 2/23, 7:15-9:15pm. Midterm 2 (20%) on Tue 3/22 and Thu 3/24 in class. Final (25%) on Wed 5/11, 10:05am-12:05pm. All exams are closed book and closed notes.


The following book is on reserve in Wendt library:

  • K. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, 6th edition, 2006.

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