Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2004-2005 Training Page

World Finals Meeting Agendas

DateProblem Set
2/62004 Northeastern Europe and Russia regional
2/132004 Beijing regional
2/202001 Northeastern Europe regional
3/05World Finals Warmup Contest 1
3/132002 Northeastern Europe regional
3/19ACM ICPC World Finals Warmup 2
3/212004 Oceania South Pacific regional
3/262004 Latin America-South America regional

Regionals Meeting Agendas

DateDiscussion Topics
9/20Contest Overview, Introductions
9/272004 World Finals, 2003 Individual Placement Test
10/62004 Individual Placement Test, team compositions
10/102003 NCNA Regionals
10/202002 NCNA Regionals (judge data)
10/25Graph Problems
11/3Greedy and dynamic programming, Team Practice 1
11/8Computational geometry, Team Practice 2
11/15Regional Contest Debriefing

Programming Sessions

Sun, Oct 31:00pm-6:00pmIndividual Placement Test
???1:00pm-6:00pmTeam Practice 1
Sun, Nov 71:00pm-6:00pmTeam Practice 2

Problem Sets

Graph Problems

World Finals: 2003 A, 2003 J, 2002 B, 2002 E, 2000 A, 1996 C
UVA #157: Route Finding
UVA #315: Network
UVA #341: Non-Stop Travel
UVA #459: Graph Connectivity

Greedy and Dynamic Programming Problems

2001 Taejon B: Wooden Sticks
2001 Taejon F: Moving Tables
1997 World B: Jill Rides Again
1998 World B: Flight Planning
2001 Taejon D: Human Gene Functions
2001 Tehran G: Parallel Expectations
UVA #108: Maximum Sum
UVA #165: Stamps
UVA #242: Stamps and Envelope Size
UVA #357: Let Me Count the Ways
UVA #439: Knight Moves

Computational Geometry Problems

1992 World C: Radio Direction Finder
1992 World D: Moth Eradication
1994 World H: Monitoring Wheelchair Patients
1999 World B: Bullet Hole
2000 World H: Stopper Stumper
UVA #121: Pipe fitters
UVA #132: Bumpy objects
UVA #137: Polygons
UVA #149: Forests
UVA #191: Intersection

Team Practice 1

UVA #400: Unix Is
UVA #402: M*A*S*H
UVA #405: Message Routing
UVA #412: Pi
UVA #419: Matching Meetings
UVA #427: FlatLand Piano Movers
UVA #429: Word Transformation
UVA #437: The Tower of Babylon
UVA #439: Knight Moves
UVA #459: Graph Connectivity

2004 NCNA Regionals

Breaking a Dollar
Rate of Return
The Zipper
Lenny's Lucky Lotto Lists
Stacking Cylinders
Going Home
Jill's Tour Paths
Boundaries on "A New Kind of Science"
Detecting Explosives
The Take-Grant Protection Model

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