Computer Sciences Dept.

International Collegiate Programming Contest

2005-2006 Training Page

World Finals Meeting Agendas

DateProblem Set
1/312004 Beijing regionals
2/72005 Dhaka regionals
2/142005 Beijing regionals
2/212004 Dhaka regionals
2/28Waterloo ACM Programming Contest
3/7UVA ACM ICPC World Finals Warmup 1
3/21UVA ACM ICPC World Finals Warmup 2
3/28Assorted Worlds Finals Problems
Crossing Streets
Tiling the Plane
The Great Wall Game
A Linking Loader
A Spy in the Metro
The Geoduck GUI
A Major Problem
4/4UVA ACM ICPC World Finals Warmup 3

Regionals Meeting Agendas

DateDiscussion Topics
9/12Contest Overview, Introductions
9/26 2005 Placement test, Practice Schedule
10/32004 Regionals
10/10Greedy and Basic Graph Algorithms
10/17Divide and Conquer / Dynamic Programming
10/24Network Flow
10/31Computational Geometry
11/7Regionals Debriefing

Programming Sessions

9/181:00 - 6:00pm2005 Individual Placement Test
10/231:00 - 6:00pmTeam Practice 1
10/291:00 - 6:00pmTeam Practice 2

Problem Sets

Greedy and Basic Graph Algorithms

ProblemSubmission Link
Ordering Tasks Submit (UVA)
Highways Submit (UVA)
Monocycle Submit (UVA)
Race Tracks Submit (UVA)
Wooden Sticks Submit (ICPC-Live)
Moving Tables Submit (ICPC-Live)
Workshops Submit (ICPC-Live)
Color a Tree Submit (ICPC-Live)

Divide and Conquer / Dynamic Programming

ProblemSubmission Link
Arbitrage Submit (UVA)
Brackets Sequence Submit (ICPC-Live)
Cable Master Submit (ICPC-Live)
Selfdescribing Sequence Submit (PC)
Railroads Submit (PC)
Distinct Subsequences Submit (PC)
Cutting Sticks Submit (PC)

Network Flow

ProblemSubmission Link
Sorting Slides Submit (UVA)
The Lost House Submit (ICPC-Live)
Evacuation Plan Submit (ICPC-Live)
The Grand Dinner Submit (PC)
Adventures in Moving Submit (PC)

Computational Geometry

ProblemSubmission Link
Shooter Submit (UVA)
Tin Cutter Submit (UVA)
Pipe Test input      Test output
Chainsaw Massacre Submit (PC)
Herding Frosh Submit (PC)
Useless Tile Packers Submit (PC)

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