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International Collegiate Programming Contest

2010-2011 Training Page

Here is the tentative schedule. All meetings are in CS 2310.

Regionals Meeting Agendas

DateDiscussion Topics
Tue May 4, 6:00pmPreparations for summer
Thu Sept 9, 6:00pmOrganizational meeting
Thu Sept 16, 6:00pm 2009 Regionals judge data
Thu Sept 23, 6:00pmGreedy, Basic Graph Algorithms, and Binary Search
Thu Sept 30, 6:00pmDivide & Conquer and Dynamic Programming
Thu Oct 7, 6:00pmNetwork Flow
Thu Oct 14, 6:00pmPlacement Test Discussion
Thu Oct 21, 6:00pmComp. Geometry
Thu Oct 28, 6:00pmTeam Practice 1 Discussion
Thu Nov 4, 6:00pmTeam Practice 2 Discussion
Thu Nov 11, 6:00pmRegionals Debrief

Programming Sessions

Sat Oct 2UVa Regional Warmup Contest
Sat Oct 9, 1-6pmIndividual Placement Test (judge data)
Sat Oct 23, 1-6pm Team Practice 1 (judge data)
Sun Oct 31, 1-6pm Team Practice 2 (judge data)

Problem Sets

There are several free websites that have ICPC problems listed and allow you to submit problems, and they will automatically score your solution for you just like at the real contest. Several of these are listed on the links page, and provide a good means of practicing for the actual competition.

To get a feel for what the regional contest is like, last year's problem set for the North-Central North American region is here. If you want to try coding up these problems, you can test your solutions against the test data here.

In the Fall, we will mainly be using practice problems from UVA.

Please create an account on UVA using the password we gave you during the meeting. Once you have registered please send an email to hopman@cs.wisc.edu with your user name so that we can track your weekly progress.

All problems expect I/O to done using standard input and standard output. The solution to problems must be written in a single file. If you are programming in Java the application class should be called "Main".

Greedy and Basic Graph Algorithms / Binary Search

Page Hopping
Graph Connectivity
Non-Stop Travel
Copying Books
Connect the Campus
Speedy Escape

Divide and Conquer / Dynamic Programming

Unique Snowflakes
TV game
Walking Around Wisely
The Closest Pair Problem
Diving for Gold
An Antiarithmetic Permutation
Non-Powerful Subsets
Shopping Trip

Network Flow

Component Placement
Euler Circuit
Crime Wave - The Sequel
Data Flow

Computational Geometry

Cops and Robbers
Rectangle by the Ocean
Packing Polygons
Pick-up sticks
Hotter Colder
Caper pizza
Rings and Glue

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