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International Collegiate Programming Contest

2011-2012 Training Page

Here is the tentative schedule. All meetings are in CS 2310.

Regionals Meeting Agendas

DateDiscussion Topics
Thu Sept 8, 6:00pmOrganizational Meeting
Wed Sept 14, 6:00pm2010 Regionals
Wed Sept 21, 6:00pmGreedy, Binary Search, Basic Graph Algorithms
Wed Sept 28, 6:00pmDynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer
Wed Oct 5, 6:00pmNetwork Flow
Wed Oct 12, 6:00pmPlacement Test Discussion
Wed Oct 19, 6:00pmBFS on statespaces, Computational Geometry
Wed Oct 26, 6:00pmTeam Practice 1 Discussion
Wed Nov 2, 6:00pm2004 Regionals
Wed Nov 9, 6:00pmTeam Practice 2 Discussion
Wed Nov 16, 6:00pmRegionals Discussion

Programming Sessions

Sun Oct 9, 1-6pmIndividual Placement Test
Sat Oct 22, 10am-3pmTeam Practice 1
Sun Nov 6, 1-6pmTeam Practice 2
Sat Nov 12, TBARegionals

Problem Sets

There are several free websites that have ICPC problems listed and allow you to submit problems, and they will automatically score your solution for you just like at the real contest. Several of these are listed on the links page, and provide a good means of practicing for the actual competition.

In the Fall, we will mainly be using practice problems from UVA and ICPC Live.

Please create an account on UVA and ICPC Live, and send an email to rosnbrick@wisc.edu with your user names so that we can track your weekly progress.

All problems expect I/O to be done using standard input and standard output. The solution to problems must be written in a single file. If you are programming in Java the application class should be called "Main".

2010 Regionals

The entire problem set as a pdf can be found here.

Jill's Walks (PDF in out)
Circular Mazes (PDF in out)
Dice Game (PDF in out)
Describing Trees (PDF in out)
If I'd known it was a race, I'd have gone faster! (PDF in out)
The Speckled Letter (PDF in out)
Cell Phone Texting (PDF in out)
Edit Distance (PDF in out)
The Encoding (PDF in out)

Greedy, Binary Search, Basic Graph Algorithms

Add All
Wine Trading in Gergovia
Watering Grass
Fill the Containers
Crossed Ladders
Ubiquitous Religions
Steam Roller

Dynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer

Ingenuous Cubrency
Combining Images
Bar Codes
Tree Recovery
Arbitrage (II)
Power of a Matrix

Network Flow

A Plug for Unix
Collector's Problem
Angry Programmer
Matrix Decompressing
Buy one, get the rest free
Bob Laptop Wollmer and Eddie Desktop Barlow
Factors and Multiples
Euler Circuit

Placement Test

The entire problem set as a pdf can be found here.

Through the Desert (in out)
Ancient Messages (in out)
Rails (in out)
Land Division Tax (in out)
Cellular Automaton (in out)
Chandelier (in out)
Say Cheese (in out)

BFS on statespaces, Computation Geometry

Sunny Mountains
Useless Tile Packers
Intersecting Lines
Tunnelling the Earth
Circle Through Three Points
General Sultan
A Chess Knight
9 Puzzle

Team Practice #1

The entire problem set as a pdf can be found here.

Counting Triangles (in out)
Up the Stairs (in out)
Lift Hopping (in out)
Matrissor (in out)
Paper Route (in out)
Switch Bulbs (in out)
Communication Planning for Phobos (in out)
Trash Removal (in out)
Bookshelf (in out)

2004 Regionals

The entire problem set as a pdf can be found here.
A tar file with input/output data for all problems can be found here.
(I/O files are identified by numbers; these numbers match the naming & ordering of the problems in the provided pdf.)

Breaking a Dollar
Rate of Return
Lenny's Lucky Lotto Lists
Stacking Cylinders
Going Home
Jill's Tour Paths
Boundaries on "A New Kind of Science"
Detecting Explosives
The Take-Grant Protection Model

Team Practice #2

The entire problem set as a pdf can be found here. The team scoreboard can be found here.

The Fence Builder (in out)
Lollies (in out)
Conduit Packing (in out)
Fibonacci (in out)
Gopher II (in out)
The Tree Movers (in out)
Intersecting Dates (in out)
Maximum Sum (in out)
Building Bridges (in out)

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