Computer Sciences Dept.

Michael C. Ferris

John P. Morgridge Chair in Computer Sciences & Jacques-Louis Lions Professor of Computer Sciences,
and (by courtesy) Mathematics and Industrial and Systems Engineering

Director, Hub Central, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Research Interests:
Algorithms, environments, theory and applications of optimization.

PhD: University of Cambridge, 1989

Picture of Michael C. Ferris

CS 524 (2016(F))

CS 525 (2016(S), 2013(S), 2012(S), 2010(S), 2008(F), 2007(F), 2006(F), 2006(S), 2004(F), 2002(F), 2001(S), 1999(F), 1997(S/F), 1995(F), 1994(S), 1993(F), 1990(F), 1989(F), 1988(F))

CS 526 (1992(S), 1990(F))

CS 635 (2015(S), 2014(S), 2009(S), 2007(S), 2005(S), 2003(F), 2000(F), 1999(S), 1998(S))

CS 719 (1997(S), 1996(S))

CS 726 (2018 (F), 2015(F), 2014(F), 2011(F), 2009(F), 1996(F))

CS 727 (1993(F))

CS 730 (2017(S), 2008(S), 2005(F), 2004(S), 2003(S), 1992(S), 1989(S))

CS 733 (2012(F), 1999(S), 1996(S), 1993(F))

CS 999 Reading course with GAMS (2013(F))

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