Hao-Yu Shih

Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison M.S.
System and Naval Mechatronic Engineering, National Cheng Kung University B.S.

Hello, my name is HaoYu Shih. I'm currently an M.S. student at the the University of Wisconsin - Madison, major in Computer Science. In the summer of 2022, I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Meta within the WhatsApp Business Infra team. Specifically, I am interested in database and system. Now, I am seeking an Full-Time SDE position.

Recent Coursework

2023 Spring Artificial Intelligence
2022 Fall Theory & Desgin Programming Languages
Data Visualization
Computer Network
2022 Spring Distributed System
Foundations of Data Management
Intro to PLs and Compilers
Learn a Programming Language(C++)
2021 Fall Big Data System
Topics in Database Management Systems
Matrix Methods in Machine Learning
2021 Spring Introduction to Operating System
Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation
2020 Fall Programming III
Machine Organization and Programming
Software Engineering

Recent Projects

Nov. 2022 SDN and Router Implementation
May 2022 Replicated Block Storage with pBFT
Apr. 2022 Different Indexing Approaches Used for Modern Systems
Apr. 2022 Replicated Block Storage with Primary/Backup
Mar. 2022 AFSv1: Distributed File System
Nov. 2021 DGLight: Efficient DGL with Light Communication
Oct. 2021 Big Data System
Apr. 2021 xv6 Enhancement
Apr. 2021 Badger Database
Dec. 2020 Leftover-Killer: an Android based recipe application
Jan. 2019 Unmanned Surface Vehicle Designation
Jun. 2018 Gobang: a Five-In-A-Row program