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What is Battletech?

Battletech is a game of armored combat, set in the 31st century. It is not a role-playing game, although there are role-playing supplements in Battletech. It is not a computer game, although there are many computer games set in the Battletech univer se. It is a wargame, played on a mapsheet, using dice.

All this does not express the essence of what Battletech is, however. Battletech is more than just Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit - Battletech offers us the opportunity to pit our tactical skill against the tactical skills of others, and if that fails, to pit our design skills against the skills of others. In Battletech, it is possible to design many types of military vehicles and equipment, and fight them against each other. Seldom is one battle the same as the next. Theoretically, there is a finite number of battles that can be played, but that number is beyond this player's comprehension.

The central military unit in Battletech is the battlemech. Battlemechs, or mechs, are large, humanoid-shaped tanks. But wait! Mecha are only the tip of the iceberg. It is also possible to design ground vehicles (with tracked, wheeled, or hover mod es of transport); VTOL aircraft such as helicopters or swing-wing aircraft, conventional (wet) naval units, including small surface, submersible, and hydrofoil naval units; conventional aircraft and aerospace (air/space) fighters; dropships that transport mechs and other equipment between planets and "jump points;" satellites and space stations; jumpships that transport dropships in 30-LY "jumps;" and warships, huge, heavily armed and armored jumpships, each carrying the capability to boil a planet from o rbit.

The Battletech universe has a history so diverse that it can never be told in one volume. The Inner Sphere of human-occupied space is composed of 5 major Successor States, 6 invading Clans, and many smaller powers, all engaged in combat with each oth er. Some are fighting for glory, some for wealth and power; some are fighting for survival. Some, tired of fighting, have fled to the Periphery, the less-civilized region around the Inner Sphere.

What does a mech look like?

The Mad Cat / Timberwolf is one of the most fearsome Clan mechs.

Terrance Peter La Casse, Jr.