Luke Tokheim

Building high quality, product-centric software.


Shadow Motion Capture System

The high-quality, easy to use, professional mocap suit. 17 inertial sensors embedded in a wearable sensor network.

Kinematic model simulates your body motion and directly outputs a character animation. Use for live performance or record clips for animation and motion analysis.

MotionNode Inertial Sensor Module

Miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU). A 3D rotation sensor with USB connectivity.

Plug MotionNode into your USB port to get accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and rotation measurements.

Table Assembly Process

A proof of concept developed for a tractor manufacturer. Used motion capture to record an expert assembling a coffee table and generate digital training material.

Used Shadow live streaming for preview, Python for data post processing, and Unreal Engine for visualization.

Unreal Engine ShadowMocap Plugin

Live stream motion capture data from Shadow onto your character in Unreal Engine. Code plugin available on the Unreal Marketplace.

Unity ShadowMocap Plugin

Live stream mocap from Shadow onto your Unity humanoid avatar. Add to your project from the Unity Asset Store.

Open Source


Skye is an HTTP server framework for C++20. Build resource friendly web services for the cloud.


Lockables are class templates for mutex based concurrency in C++17. Synchronize data between multiple threads using locks.

School Projects

*** These projects are from college circa 2003 so please bear with me. ***

Skin Authoring Project

Character animations for movies and 3D games are generally created using linear blend skinning, an algorithm that animates a mesh of vertices based on a sequence of skeletal poses.

I worked on a research project with UW-Graphics to find easier and more intuitive ways to edit the blend weights of a mesh. The weights associate a single vertex in a mesh with a set of joints in the skeleton.

Real-Time Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is a rendering technique used to model global illumination, a time consuming algorithm. In this project, we used ray casting to generate a set of normals in a pre-processing step. The new normals can be used to render the scene at real-time frame rates, using this approximation of global illumination.

Wavelet Analysis of Musical Signals

Wavelets are pretty cool. They can be used to analyze the frequency composition of a signal while also showing the change over time.

In this report, I decomposed some musical signals into their frequency components. The report includes some plots of the original signal, the frequency response of the signal (Fourier transform), and the time-frequency breakdown.

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