Luke Tokheim

Building high quality, product-centric software.

Open Source


Skye is an HTTP server framework for C++20. Build resource friendly web services for the cloud.


Lockables are class templates for mutex based concurrency in C++17. Synchronize data between multiple threads using locks.

School Projects

*** These projects are from college circa 2003 so please bear with me. ***

Skin Authoring Project

Character animations for movies and 3D games are generally created using linear blend skinning, an algorithm that animates a mesh of vertices based on a sequence of skeletal poses.

I worked on a research project with UW-Graphics to find easier and more intuitive ways to edit the blend weights of a mesh. The weights associate a single vertex in a mesh with a set of joints in the skeleton.

Real-Time Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is a rendering technique used to model global illumination, a time consuming algorithm. In this project, we used ray casting to generate a set of normals in a pre-processing step. The new normals can be used to render the scene at real-time frame rates, using this approximation of global illumination.

Wavelet Analysis of Musical Signals

Wavelets are pretty cool. They can be used to analyze the frequency composition of a signal while also showing the change over time.

In this report, I decomposed some musical signals into their frequency components. The report includes some plots of the original signal, the frequency response of the signal (Fourier transform), and the time-frequency breakdown.

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