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Led Zeppelin

One of the all time great rock bands. Zeppelin (not a person's name) brought hits like Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven and Dancing Days.  It has proved one of the most resilient bands due to its constant rotation of airplay even today.  Guitarist Jimmy Page recently toured with the Black Crowes and brought back some old favorites to the stage.

Pink Floyd

Favorite for many due to its "trippy" style of music, Floyd (also not a person's name) suffered a bad breakup later in its career when vocalist/guitarist Roger Watters left the band.  Fortunately,  plenty of good music was left behind before they divided.  It is rumored that their album, The Wall, goes along with the Wizard of Oz when lined up correctly.

Jethro Tull

This band (named after the 18th century agriculturist who invented the seed drill) found its claim to fame in its unique, flute-led style of rock.  Lead singer Ian Andersen credits his first wife Jennie with writing the majority of the lyrics of the band's greatest commercial hit, Aqualung (also the title track of the album).

Black Sabbath

One of the father's of hard rock, Sabbath has been releasing music ever since Friday 13, 1970 (a February).  Like Zeppelin, Sabbath still receives heavy rotation on the airwaves, proving that its contribution of quality rock cannot be denied.  The biggest surprise of the band to most people is that Ozzy Osbourne is still alive.  That man did more than his share of drugs and alcohol... at least, according to his doctor.

Name Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Jethro Tull Black Sabbath
Last Album Early Days Pulse Roots to Branches Reunion
Quality Purchase Led Zeppelin III Animals Aqualung Paranoid
Still Touring No No Yes Yes

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