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Rage Against the Machine

The machine that the band is raging against is definitely the government.  Rage manages to convey its left-wing views in all of their concerts; well known as a politically-minded group.  Many musicians hail Rage's lead guitarist, Tom Morello, as the most innovative guitar player of our time.


Although lead singer Maynard James Keenan just found incredible success with his side project, A Perfect Circle, more is in store for one of today's hardest rocking bands.  Tool is separated from mainstream trash by its tackling of controversial topics, its long songs, and the members' undeniable talent at their instruments.  One of the members, Adam Jones (guitar), was  introduced through high school friend Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The band picked its name of a name tree.  Little did they realize that they'd be playing music for 17 years and counting.  Actually, only two of the original members remain in the band: Anthony Kiedis and Flea (Michael Balzary).  The band has gone through over five guitarists and has recent received acclaim for their latest album, Californication.


Live received little praise for an excellent disc with The Distance to Here, its last album.  When asked about the lack of attention, lead singer Ed Kowalczyk stated the band members were artists first, businessmen second.  I found that statement particularly refreshing after the band refused to go mainstream after its fourth strong rock album.

Name Rage Against the Machine Tool Red Hot Chili Peppers Live
Last Album The Battle of L.A. Undertow Californication The Distance to Here
Quality Purchase Evil Empire Aenima One Hot Minute Throwing Copper
Frontman Zack de la Rocha Maynard James Keenan Anthony Kiedis Edward Kowalczyk

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