Michelle Moravan
M.S. Graduate, Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact Information

Office: Computer Sciences & Statistics (CSS) 6372
Email Address: moravanATcsDOTwiscDOTedu


I have the privilege of working with Professor Mark Hill, in close collaboration with David Wood, Kevin Moore, Jayaram Bobba, and Ben Liblit. I am currently interested in hardware support for transactional memory, and in nested transactions in transactional memory, in particular.


Course Work

ECE 551: Digital System Design and Synthesis
Professor Mike Schulte CS 701: Programming Languages and Compilers
Professor Charles N. Fischer CS 736: Advanced Operating Systems
Professor Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau CS/ECE 752: Advanced Computer Architecture I
Professor Mark D. Hill
  • TAP: Taxonomy for Adaptive Prefetching PDF
CS/ECE 757: Advanced Computer Architecture II
Professor Mark D. Hill
  • Token Coherence for Transactional Memory PDF
CS/ECE 838: Pervasive Parallelism
Professor Mark D. Hill


Computer Sciences 302


Last Updated: 2006/08/05