•     CS740: Advanced Computer Networks [Guest lectures, Fall 2018]
             University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
             Paper discussed: On the Constancy of Internet Path Properties [IMW’01]
  •     CS367: Introduction to Data Structures [Summer 2017]
             University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
             Enrollment: 83
             Course Evaluation: 5.3/7.0
  •     CS640: Introduction to Computer Networks [Guest lectures, Spring 2018]
             University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
             Appication Layer - WWW, HTTP, DNS, SMTP
             Network Security - Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication


  •     Grandparents University CS Major [Summer 2018]
             Introducing CS to freshmen middle school students and their grandparents
             Platform: Scratch
  •     Android Programming Workshop for Freshmen [Spring 2018 - Feb 9, May 5, June 12]
             Introducing CS to freshmen students
             Platform: MIT App Inventor
            Two applications: Talk to me and Drawing app