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Navneet Potti

PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Wisconsin - Madison


I'm a second-year graduate student at the CS department in University of Wisconsin - Madison. My research interests broadly span the exciting area of data management and analytics. I'm fortunate to be advised by Jignesh Patel, with whom I explore diverse problems, building on ideas from theory, systems and analytics. I'm currently working on projects in approximate query processing, adaptive indexing, access control as well as database partitioning and replication. I also spent a wonderful summer at IBM Almaden, working with Fatma Ozcan and Avrilia Floratou on SQL processing in the Hadoop and warehouse environments.

During my undergraduate years at IIT Madras, I studied various theoretical problems in communication networks, sensor networks, information theory and control theory. I then pivoted towards data management and analytics during my stint at Goldman Sachs, where I worked on business analytics, risk modeling and data warehousing.