kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n ##Sahir's Talkhiiyaan##

Song Title: kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n ##Sahir's Talkhiiyaan##
Movie Name: Kabhi Kabhi
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Rakhee, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh
Singer(s): Amitabh Bachchan
Music Director(s): Khaiyyam
Lyricist(s): Sahir Ludhianvi
Category(ies): Romantic Songs

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Sahir's Talkhiyaan
kB:i kB:i m:r edl: m: Q:y:al: Aat:a h
ek ez:dg:i t:ri z:lfa ki n:m: CaAa m:
g:z:rn: p:at:i t:a S:adab: ha B:i s:kt:i T:i
y:h et:rag:i j:a m:r z:ist: ka m:kr h
t:ri n:z:r ki S:Aaa m: K:a B:i s:kt:i T:i
Aj:b: n: T:a ek m: b:g:an:a
-O-Aal:m: ha kr
t:r j:m:al: ki ran:aEy:a m: K:a rht:a
t:ra g:ddaz: b:dn:
, t:ri n:im:b:az: AaK:
Enhi hs:in: fz:aAa m: m: ha rht:a
p:kart:i m:J: j:b: t:l:eQ:y:a z:m:an: ki
t:r l:b:a s: hl:av:t: k G:X p:i l:t:a
hy:at: c:iK:t:i ePrt:i b:rhn:a
-s:r Aar m:
G:n:ri z:lfa ki CaAa m: Cp: k j:i l:t:a
m:g:r y: ha n: s:ka
m:g:r y: ha n: s:ka Aar Ab: y: Aal:m: h
ek t: n:hi
, t:ra ^:m:, t:ri j:st:z: B:i n:hi
g:z:r rhi h kC Es: t:rh ez:dg:i j:s:
Es: eks:i k s:har ki Aarz: B:i n:hi
z:m:an: B:r k dK:a ka l:g:a c:ka h g:l:
g:z:r rha h kC An:j:an:i rhg:z:ara s:
m:hib: s:ay: m:ri es:m:X B:rt: Aat: h
-Aa-m:at: k p:r-hal: K:ar-z:ara s:
n: kaI j:da
, n: m:ez:l:, n: raS:n:i ka s:rag:
B:Xk rhi h Q:y:al:a m: ez:dg:i m:ri
Enhi Q:y:al:a m: rh j:aUg:a kB:i K:a kr
m: j:an:t:a h m:r hm:
-n:fs:, m:g:r y: hi
kB:i kB:i m:r edl: m: Q:y:al: Aat:a h

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