Songs of Rishi Kapoor

Warning: These indexes are often incomplete and do not represent all the songs in the ITRANS Song Book. In other words, there might be songs in the ISB that should have been in this list, but are not, because of missing information. The listing by Song Titles contains all the songs.

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ASCII Devnagri Jtrans bachanaa ai hasiino.n, lo mai.n aa gayaa [#1257]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans beshaq ma.ndir masjid to.De, bulleshaah ye kahataa [#282]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans chaa.Nd meraa dil, chaa.Ndanii ho tum/aa, dil kyaa [#770]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx chal kahii.n duur nikal jaae.n [#N8140]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans cheharaa hai yA chaa.Nd khilaa hai [#1158]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans dil lenaa khel hai diladaar kaa [#1118]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx duur se dil kii bujhatii rahe pyaas [#N9211]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx e bhaaii, zaraa dekhake chalo, aage hii nahii.n piichhe bhii [#N9128]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans hogaa tumase pyaaraa kaun amako to tumase hai hai kanchan [#1119]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans jIvan ke din chhoTe sahii, ham bhI ba.De dil vaale [#1272]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n ##Sahir's Talkhiiyaan## [#4]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans kabhii kabhii mere dil me.n, khayaal aataa hai.n ##from the movie## [#14]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx mai.n har ik pal kaa shaayar huu.N [#N8001]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mai.n shaayar to nahii.n, magar ai hasii.n [#331]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx meraa piyaa ghar aayaa, o raamajii [#N9189]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mere ghar aa_ii ek nanhii parii, ek nanhii parii [#394]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx mere haatho.n me.n nau nau chuu.Diyaa.N hai.n [#N9078]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans mohabbat hai kyaa chiiz, ham ko bataao [#975]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans nazaro.n se kah do pyaar me.n milane kaa mausam aa gayaa [#684]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans o ha.Nsanii merI ha.Nsanii, kahaa.n u.D chalii, balamaa [#1058]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx o merii choranii, o merii moranii, mai.n to ho chukaa tumhaaraa [#N8154]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans paigaam de rahI hai ye shaam Dhalate Dhalate [#885]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx pardaa hai, pardaa hai, pardaa hai pardaa [#N8134]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans parii ho aasamaanii tum magar tumako to paanaa hai [#1121]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans pyaar kar liyaa to kyaa, pyaar hai khataa nahii.n [#339]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans soche.nge tumhe pyaar kare ke nahii.n, ye dil bekaraar kare ke nahii.n [#819]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx tere mere ho.nTho.n me.n miiThe miiThe giit mitavaa [#N8073]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ye galiyaa.N ye chaubaaraa yahaa.N aanaa na dobaaraa [#N9079]
ASCII Devnagri Xxxxxx ye la.Dakaa haay allaah kaisaa hai diivaanaa [#N8101]
ASCII Devnagri Jtrans ye vaadaa rahaa [#1073]

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